• Digiterm Ltd. rated by Dun & BradStreet as Highest Credit Worthiness GOLD AAA

AAA Gold Level from Dun & Bradstreet

Digiterm has been awarded Gold level of creditworthiness from Dun & Bradstreet, a testament to our financial stability and trustworthiness.
This esteemed rating is attained by […]
  • Digiterm Comfort-2 Flex Dialysis Chair in mais-sky color


We understand the significance of our customer’s investment and the impact it has on their practice. That’s why we’re committed on enhancing the longevity of our therapy chairs.

Our company guaranties parts supply to Digiterm Therapy Chairs for […]

  • Digiterm Comfort-4 Therapy Chair with special Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation option

Digiterm Comfort-4 Plus Chair with Special Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Option

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a non-invasive neurostimulation technique that involves the use of a strong magnetic field to induce electric currents in specific areas of the brain. It was developed as a tool for studying brain function, but it has also been researched as a therapeutic intervention for various neurological and […]

Digiterm has been awarded a Bronz Medal for sustainability management and performance

Sustainability is one of the most important values of Digiterm.

We’re delighted to announce that the world’s most trusted sustainability ratings provider EcoVadis, has awarded Digiterm a Bronze Medal for sustainability management and performance.

The award places Digiterm in the top 35 per cent of companies assessed by EcoVadis. The ratings provider evaluates companies across four areas: […]

  • Digiterm dialysis chairs in NHS TAS unit

NHS has selected Digiterm therapy chairs for it TAS units

NHS’ Therapeutic Apheresis Services (TAS) provide life-saving and life-enhancing therapeutic apheresis services to adults and children in the UK.  TAS services are delivered across England and North Wales from eight therapeutic apheresis units which operate an outpatient model for non-acute patients. TAS supports a range of clinical specialties including haematology, oncology, nephrology, neurology and rheumatology.

Excellent […]

  • Digiterm Comfort-2 Eco Dialysis Chair
  • Digiterm Comfort-2 Flex Dialysis Chair

The DuoShape upholstery – Innovative DESIGN, more advantages

What are the most important features of this upholstery type?


Due to the high tech, layered PU foam and the premium artificial leather covering the new DuoShape upholstery ensures pleasant and home-like comfort for the patient during the 3-5 hours treatment.

Several advanced features as

  • memory foam
  • additional pillows,
  • different width and thickness alternatives,
  • special leather types […]

How much do you spend on your treatment chair – on long term?

Chairs are important elements of all treatments, where the patient needs to sit short, medium and long term. Comfort, safety, quality and usability are the main decision points when choosing from the wide range of products available market. Besides the above, decision makers tend to focus mainly on the actual offered price of the product. […]

Digiterm helps interior designers of dialysis therapy rooms

Not so long ago, healthcare design was very technically oriented and sterile. Nowadays this approach is not acceptable anymore. There are tons of evidence that the healing environment has a profound effect on the effectivity of the therapies, and that the aesthetics of a design are an important part of creating that environment. The associated […]


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