Comfort-3 Flex

Therapy chair with excellent price-value rate

The Comfort-3 product line features a new underframe structure that has been developed to meet the highest expectations of design combined with ease of the cleaning. The Flex chair has long legrest and footrest for the patient’s comfort during long term treatments. It is available in versions of fixed and adjustable height as option. As safety is first, all our models with seat tilting fully meet the standards of Trendelenburg position of 14°.

Fixed seat height 62 cm
Optional height adjustment range 55-70 cm
Backrest adjusting range 80° (-14° under horizontal in Trendelenburg position)
Seat tilt adjustment 14°
Legrest adjustment 30°
Footrest adjustment 25 cm
Size of upholstery L 210 × W 60 × H 9.5 cm
Armrest size L 57 × W 15 × H 6.5 cm
Dimensions in seat position L 145 × W 87.5 cm
Size of castors 4 × Ø 7.5 cm twin wheel castors with total lock
Weight of chair 65 kg
Maximal load 200 kg weight capacity
Standard power supply 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Technical data of motors 24V DC, IPX6
Frame colour RAL 9001
Applied directive and standards 2017/745 (MDR) and harmonized standards


● Electronic adjustments

Multiple independent adjustment possibilities by 3+2 motors offer patient comfort, plus a reduction in work for staff.

3 motors as standard:

  • backrest
  • seat tilt
  • legrest
  • seat height adjustment (optional)
  • footrest (optional)

● Manual adjustment

  • footrest adjustment manually (optional electronic footrest adjustment is also available)


Especially designed for medical applications:

  • Longlife micro-switches are located under an exchangeable keypad foil
  • Liquid proof housing with IP 67 protection
  • Easy-to-use 13 buttons handset

Dedicated grey buttons for each movement.

  • Yellow coloured buttons to set EntryBed positions by multimovement
  • The head-down "Trendelenburg" posit ion can be reached easily from any previous one by using the red button
  • Individual buttons for optional movement (seat tilt adjustment and footrest adjustment)

Entry position

Supporting the entry

By using this    button on the handset the chair can be brought to the upright (Entry) position automatically from any previous one. Thereby allowing the patient easily to enter or leave the chair.

Bed position

Perfectly horizontal Bed position

Especially designed construction ensures achieving perfectly horizontal Bed position for maximum patient comfort while passing through several relaxation positions.

By using this    button on handset the chair can be brought automatically into the BED position.

Trendelenburg Position

Real TRB

The backrest adjusting range ensures REAL Trendelenburg position in compliance with EN 60601-2-52:

"the entire mattress support platform shall be able to achieve a minimum of 12° so that the patient’s head is lower than the circulatory centre point of the body."

There are two ways of reaching Trendelenburg position by using the red buttons:

  • on handset by using  button
  • additional foot-switches on both sides of underframe (optional)

Tilt-up armrest

The solid upholstered armrest makes it possible to achieve the most suitable and restful arm position for any physique.

It can adjusted in height and entry is facilitated by simply tilting it up.

The multilayered soft armrest cushion is completely sealed against liquids and ensures improved patient comfort.

The distance between armrests can be adjusted also by swivelling completely.

Brake system/castors

Diameter 7.5 cm twin wheel castor with total lock.

Locks the wheels (twin wheel) and swivel simultaneously for maximum stability when the equipment is stationary.

  • Twin wheel rotational motion in both directions (lockable)
  • Swivel motion in both directions (lockable)
  • Central operating brake with 4x diam. 7.5 cm twin wheel castors is optional
Digiterm Comfort-3 Flex medical chairDuoShape upholstery

Exchangeable upholstery

Clean and modern design with dual colour for fresh look

It has been designed according to the latest developments in orthopaedics and ergonomics.

Can be removed easily with a few movements for cleaning or maintenance. Interchangeable with the previous upholstery types.

This new easy-to-clean upholstery covered by blood resistant artificial leather which is resistant to disinfectants, blood and urine too. The unified seat and legrest surfaces are more comfortable and easier to clean.

Instead of standard Chrom/Perle upholstery more than 50 alternative colours are available upon request.


  • Perfect horizontal BED position

  • Real TRB position that meets TRB Compliance of EN 60 601-2-52 "the entire mattress support platform shall be able to achieve a minimum of 12° so that the patient’s head is lower than the circulatory centre point of the body."

Many other colour combinations available

Sample Upholstery Colours

* More than 50 colours are available upon request

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EPN kit incl. multicontact pin with internal connecting cable HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR DIALYSIS 713E004
Trendelenburg foot-switches on both sides of underframe 713E005
Rechargeable battery back-up operation in case power failure (24V DC) 713E006
Reading lamp with LED light 713E008
USB charging unit for smart devices (5V, 1A) 713E009
Connecting cable (3 m) for potential equalization (EPN) 713E012
Comfort-T2 Multifunctional table 713M009
Flexible height adjustable armrest for universal medical applications (one pair) 713M010
Integrated gas spring in the arm support for smoother and safer operation (one pair) 713M011
Push bar 713M012
Universal holder for tablets and smartphones 713M013
Handle on both sides of the seat 713M014
Motorised height adjustment 713M017
Central operating brake with 4x diam. 7.5 cm twin wheel castors 713M020
4× diameter 10 cm swivel castors with total lock 713M021
Universal Push bar 713M027
Removable footrest for standalone exercise applications 713M031
Motorized footrest 713M032
Paper roll holder 713M033
Infusion bottle holder (IV pole) with height adjustment 713M038
Foldable side rail 713M064
Plastic side rail set 713M066
Central operating brake with 4x diameter 10 cm twin wheel castors 713M068
Individual logo on the upholstery 713U011
Headrest pillow square 713U012
DuoShape upholstery in individual colour combination (40 diff. colours) TUNDRA 713U026
Transparent protecting plastic cover for the footrest 713U027
Transparent protecting plastic cover for the legrest adjustable between 0° and -30° below horizontal 713U028
DuoShape upholstery with 110 mm thickness in standard Chrom-Perle colour combination 713U031
DuoShape upholstery with 110 mm thickness in individual colour combination (40 diff. colours) TUNDRA 713U032
DuoShape upholstery with memory foam in standard Chrom-Perle colour combination 713U033
DuoShape upholstery with memory foam in individual colour combination (40 diff. colours) TUNDRA 713U034
DuoShape upholstery with flame retardant artificial leather combination (15 diff. colours) PALMA 713U035