Comfort-1 Eco

Therapy chair with excellent price-value rate

Comfort-1 is the newest, highly flexible and the most economic member of the Digiterm Comfort family. It offers the basic functions of simultaneous adjusting the backrest and the legrest by using single actuator which allow the patient to set the chair in the desired comfortable position during the short-term therapies.

Many optional functions are available to add functionality or safety.

Comfort-1, the latest addition to the Digiterm Comfort family, boasts exceptional flexibility and affordability. With its innovative design, Comfort-1 simplifies the adjustment process by allowing patients to simultaneously fine-tune the backrest and legrest using just one actuator. This streamlined feature ensures that patients can effortlessly find their preferred comfortable position, enhancing the overall experience during short-term therapy sessions.

Comfort-1 offers a range of optional functions, allowing users to enhance functionality and safety according to their specific needs.

Seat height adjustment Seat height fixed at 55 cm
Backrest adjusting range 80° (-7° under horizontal in Trendelenburg position)
Seat tilt adjustment (fixed) Seat position fixed at 7°
Legrest adjustment 85°
Size of upholstery L 190 x W 60 x H 9.5 cm
Armrest size
Dimensions in seat position
L 57 x W 15 x H 6.5 cm
L 103 × W 92.5 × H 129 cm
Size of castors 4 x Ø 7.5 cm twin wheel castors with total lock
Weight of chair 55 kg
Maximal load 180 kg weight capacity
Standard power supply 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz
Technical data of motors 24V DC, IPX6
Frame colour RAL 9001
Applied directive and standards 2017/745 (MDR) and harmonized standards


Electronic adjustments

Simultaneous movement of the backrest and the legrest by one motor offers patient comfort, plus a reduction in work for staff.

The synchronized movement of the backrest and legrest through a single motor not only enhances patient comfort but also reduces workload for staff members. This streamlined functionality allows caregivers to adjust the chair with ease, minimizing the time and effort required to achieve optimal positioning for patients. By eliminating the need for separate adjustments, the process becomes more efficient, enabling staff to focus more on providing attentive care rather than managing equipment. This innovative feature not only benefits patients by enhancing their overall comfort but also improves workflow efficiency within healthcare settings, ultimately enhancing the quality of care delivered.


Especially designed for medical applications:

The handset designed for Comfort-1 is tailored specifically for medical use, ensuring it meets the highest standards of reliability, hygiene, and ease of operation. With a focus on user-friendly functionality, the handset allows healthcare professionals and patients to intuitively control the chair's settings with precision. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling, even during extended periods of use. Additionally, robust construction and materials are employed to withstand the rigors of medical environments while facilitating easy cleaning and maintenance protocols. Overall, the handset embodies Digiterm's commitment to providing safe, efficient, and user-centric solutions for medical settings.

  • Liquid proof housing with IP 67 protection
  • Easy-to-use 2-4 buttons handset

Entry position

The vertical footrest allows easier entry or leave from front side of the therapy chair that convenient even for elderly patients as well.

The vertical footrest integrated into the therapy chair facilitates easier entry and exit from the front side, catering to the needs of elderly patients and others with mobility challenges. Its design prioritizes convenience and accessibility, providing a stable platform for users to support themselves while transitioning in and out of the chair. This feature is particularly beneficial for elderly patients who may experience difficulty with traditional chair designs. By offering a more accessible entry and exit point, the therapy chair with a vertical footrest promotes independence and comfort for users, ultimately enhancing their overall experience during therapy sessions.

  • By using the left  button on the handset the chair can be brought automatically into the ENTRY position

Bed position

Bed position is available in simultaneous movement of the backrest and the legrest.

Especially designed construction ensures achieving Bed position for maximum patient comfort while passing through the relaxation position.

The simultaneous movement of the backrest and legrest in the therapy chair allows for easy adjustment to the bed position, enhancing patient comfort and convenience. This feature is especially designed to smoothly transition from the relaxation position to the bed position, ensuring maximum comfort for patients. By synchronizing the movement of both the backrest and legrest, the chair provides a seamless experience, allowing patients to effortlessly find their preferred position for relaxation or rest. Whether it's for short-term therapies or prolonged periods of use, the therapy chair's specially designed construction prioritizes patient comfort and ease of use, making it an ideal choice for various healthcare settings.

  • One button operation: by using this  button on handset the chair can be brought into BED position.

Trendelenburg Position

Trendelenburg position (-7° under horizontal) is available in case of simultaneous movement of the backrest and the legrest.

The inclusion of the Trendelenburg position, which tilts the chair at a -7° angle below the horizontal plane, enhances the versatility and functionality of the therapy chair. This feature is accessible through the simultaneous movement of both the backrest and the legrest, allowing patients to easily transition into this specific position. The Trendelenburg position has various therapeutic benefits, such as improving blood circulation, reducing edema, and providing comfort for patients with certain medical conditions. By incorporating this capability, the therapy chair caters to a wider range of patient needs, ensuring optimal comfort and support during therapy sessions or medical procedures.

  • One button operation: by using this button on handset the chair can be brought into TRB position.

Tilt-up armrest

The solid upholstered armrest makes it possible to achieve the most suitable and restful arm position for any physique.

It can be adjusted in height and entry is facilitated by simply tilting it up.

The multilayered soft armrest cushion is completely sealed against liquids and ensures improved patient comfort.

Optionally the distance between armrests can be adjusted also by swiveling completely.

The solid upholstered armrest of the therapy chair offers unparalleled versatility and comfort, allowing patients to achieve their most suitable and restful arm position regardless of physique. With height-adjustable functionality, patients can easily customize the armrest to their preference, promoting optimal relaxation during therapy sessions. Additionally, the armrest can be effortlessly tilted up to facilitate entry and exit from the chair, enhancing convenience for patients.

The multilayered soft armrest cushion provides superior comfort and support while being completely sealed against liquids, ensuring hygiene and easy maintenance. This feature not only enhances patient comfort but also promotes cleanliness and infection control in medical environments.

Furthermore, for added customization, the distance between armrests can be optionally adjusted by swiveling completely, allowing for a tailored fit to accommodate varying body types and preferences. This level of adjustability ensures that patients can experience the utmost comfort and support throughout their therapy sessions, contributing to an overall positive treatment experience.

Brake system/castors

Diameter 7,5 cm twin wheel castor with total lock.

Locks the wheels (twin wheel) and swivel simultaneously for maximum stability when the equipment is stationary.

The twin-wheel locking mechanism on the therapy chair ensures maximum stability when the equipment is stationary. This feature allows both the wheels and the swivel function to be locked simultaneously, preventing any unwanted movement or rotation. By securing the chair in place, patients can feel confident and secure during therapy sessions, without concerns about instability or unexpected shifts in position.

  • Twin wheel rotational motion in both directions (lockable)
  • Swivel motion in both directions (lockable)
Colour from colour paletteStandard colour

Exchangeable upholstery

Clean and modern design with dual colour for fresh look.

The customizable upholsteries ensure pleasant and home-like appearance which are designed according to the latest developments in orthopedics and ergonomics.

The therapy chair's customizable upholsteries are designed to not only provide comfort and support but also to create a pleasant and home-like appearance. These upholsteries are carefully crafted according to the latest developments in orthopedics and ergonomics, ensuring that patients experience optimal comfort and functionality during therapy sessions.

Can be removed easily with a few movements for cleaning or maintenance.

This new easy-to-clean upholstery covered by blood resistant artificial leather which is resistant to disinfectants, blood and urine too. The unified seat and legrest surfaces are more comfortable and easier to clean.

Covered by a cutting-edge blood-resistant artificial leather, the upholstery offers unparalleled durability and cleanliness. Engineered to withstand disinfectants, blood, and urine, this specialized material provides long-lasting protection against stains and spills, maintaining a pristine appearance over time.

Moreover, the unified seat and legrest surfaces not only enhance patient comfort but also streamline the cleaning process. With a seamless design and smooth surfaces, there are fewer crevices for dirt and bacteria to accumulate, resulting in a hygienic environment that's easier to maintain.

Instead of standard Chrom/Perle upholstery more than 50 alternative colours are available upon request.

Many other colour combinations available

Sample Upholstery Colours

* More than 50 colours are available upon request

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