Digiterm 3D Virtual Application

Create your own design and test your therapy chair virtually with our 3D app

  • The applications are functional 3D representations of the actual chairs
  • The applications are allowing you to “walk around” the chair in 3D
  • You can test functionality of the chairs using the virtual remote controller
  • You can try various color combinations for the upholstery
  • You can create a printout of chair with the chosen colours

There are two versions of the application – the simulation of the Digiterm Comfort-3 medical therapy chair family and the simulation of the Digiterm Diacare-3 medical therapy chair.

The 3D chair applications are using Unity WebGL. If not working correctly on your mobile, please run the applications in your desktop browser.

Loading of the applications may take some time – depending on your computer’s speed – , so please be patient.

The pdf printout appears in a popup window, so you have to allow popups in your browser. Generating the printout file may take some time, also depending on your computer’s speed.


Digiterm Comfort-3 dialysis chair picture captured from Digiterm 3D application


Digiterm Diacare-3 dialysis chair picture captured from Digiterm 3D application

Usage Of The Application

Once the application starts you can use the mouse to zoom and rotate the chair.

  • To use the zoom function roll the mouse roller.
  • To use the rotate function click and hold the left mouse button and move the mouse.

You can choose functions from the – upper left located – menu.

Clicking the “COLOR CHANGER” menu, you can try out upholstery colors for the chair.

Clicking the “REMOTE CONTROLLER” menu you can try out the electric chair’s movements and special functions by using the virtual remote controller.

Clicking the “PRINT CHAIR IN PDF” menu you can create a printable PDF document with the chosen chair colors and contact information of Digiterm for further reference. Please allow popup window in your browser to use this function.

Choosing the “REQUEST A QUOTE” menu forwards you to our website’s quote form, where you can place your inquiry, or ask for further information.

To use the remote controller buttons – push and hold the left mouse button on the chosen button of the virtual remote controller. The selected function of the remote works until you hold down the mouse button or the selected chair function reaches its end position on the virtual 3D chair.


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