Chairs are important elements of all treatments, where the patient needs to sit short, medium and long term. Comfort, safety, quality and usability are the main decision points when choosing from the wide range of products available market. Besides the above, decision makers tend to focus mainly on the actual offered price of the product. However on the long run other aspects might become more important.

Have you ever made calculations on how much you have spent on your chair during its lifetime? Did you know that it can even be more than the money you have paid when you have bought it?

What are the main points having an effect on the lifetime and the operational costs?

“Quality” – would be the prompt answer of the operating staff. Actually, it is much more than that. Every medical device needs to be frequently checked, adjusted, maintained and if necessary repaired. As with your car, regular maintenance will extend the lifetime. All this costs money, in form of the time of the service staff and also spare parts. Digiterm chairs are of top quality yet simple design with minimal maintenance need.

“Reliable construction” – is the answer of maintenance technicians. Our chairs have proven reliable operation under even the roughest operational conditions. The frame structure is robust and long lasting, resistant to instant corrosion as well. All the electrical parts are of European origin passing strict quality control.

“Refurbishment” – we hear from end users. The lifetime of the upholstered parts is less than the strong and reliable frame under the tough conditions of some applications. Our upholstery can be removed and replaced in minutes, thus extending further the lifetime of the chair.

“Availability of spare parts” – says the procurement team. We have our own spare part stock with guaranteed for 10 years from the date of withdrawal from production and beyond. In case we need to redesign a part we assure retroactive fit.

Longer lifetime and minimal operational and maintenance costs would result in much lower Total Cost of Ownership. It means that even if the price tag seems to be a bit higher at the time of investment, it will be much lower on a long run. Not to mention the safe operation with absolutely no unplanned downtimes due to failures.

Contact us to help you with calculations of TCO so that you can make the best decision when choosing your treatment chairs.